Best Cure for Thick Toenails Fungus

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Published: 17th August 2011
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If youíre looking for the best way to cure thick toenails, then Iím glad youíve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep readingÖ Because this my fungal toenail story. The ups, the downs, what stuff didnít work and finally the one thing that did help me achieve my personal goal of getting rid of my fungal thick yellow toenails.

I remember taking my children to the public swimming baths and feeling embarrassed by my unsightly thick toenails, There were even times on vacation laying on the beach where some people were pointing out my yellow toenails to me! In fact thatís when I learned about and bought my first bottle of Teatree Oil. But to no avail.

There werenít many real reviews around so I thought Iíd write one quickly to help any of you who are in the same position That I was. But be warned, Iíll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if thatís something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now.

If you have thick toenails, chances are that you have fungal toenails.

Look I know where you are!!!

For many years I have suffered with Embarrassing Yellow Thick Toenails Fungus of one sort or another, mainly the big toenails and third toes on each foot. Iíve tried many different home remedies and so called cures such as; Teatree Oil, Lamisil, Daktarin, Dettol, Vinegar, Salt, Yes even Diluted Bleach. (not recommended) lol. All these failed me. Although there were some slight improvement, causing me to think it was clearing up but then i found it kept returning, I was sick and tired of it and wanted to do something about it.

I found that just using one ingredient was to me, obviously, not enough, so I thought what if could find a product with all the main ingredients to cure thick toenails Fungus once and for all. So I started doing some research. I found that most products out there are scams and or just topical (applied directly onto the nails). which takes a long time to show improvement depending on which of the three main stages you are at.

Creams cannot function as perfectly when they are only used alone! but a combination of topical solution and oral spray.

Eventually I stumbled across a solution and it had all the ingredients that I was looking for in a product. You see they have a topical and an oral spray, so I could attack the problem on both the surface and underneath the nail where fungus begins. I knew that with a combination topical solution and oral spray that helps reduce thick toenails fungus and get the yellow out. I couldnít believe how well it worked.

Upside. It works!

Downside. Having to apply at least twice a day, and reapply after showering and swimming etc.

P.S. Top Tip to Save Money

Before applying any solution to your thick toenails, it is better to cut and file as much of your nails away as possible and use a nail file or emery board to take away the enamel that way its easier for the solution to penetrate your nails. Donít forget the fungus is actually underneath your toenails so the more you file away the quicker the solutions will work without you having to buy months and months of supplies.

Depending on which of the three phases that you are at I would suggest going for the second choice because there is a 90 day return guarantee (unopened bottles)

I hope you found this information useful.

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